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Magnet Fidget Pen

Magnet Fidget Pen

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Introducing the Magnet Fidget Pen: the multifunctional deformable toy pen that is guaranteed to keep your hands busy and your mind sharp! Whether you’re an artist, engineer, or student-- this pen has something for everyone! It is not only a writing tool but can also be used as a compass for geometry tools and materialized into an incredibly unique and creative toy with its 13 pieces magnetic rings and 12 steel balls. This pen easily bends, twists, and morphs into whatever shape your imagination can come up with – from robots to swords to monsters - and provides hours of challenging entertainment. The Magnet Fidget Pen makes a perfect gift for kids, teachers, students, engineers, doctors, lawyers, designers – anyone with a creative mind! Not suitable for children under 12 years of age; please use with adult supervision. Get your Magnet Fidget Pen today and enjoy the fun possibilities!

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